Peak a boo, I love you~

You could cut my tongue out of my mouth and I’d still find a way to tell you I love you.

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But god, this is so sad. How many times in her career do you think Maura has encountered this? 

Just being ignored - tucked away by herself with a glass of wine while she feels eyes moving over her and judging her.

And Frost is right there - right there.. and the feeling must be so familiar, because everyone leaves - everyone becomes a distance. Meters and miles. Just forgotten. She has grown so accustomed to it that is just something she naturally has learned to accept.

Everyone leaves.

And you can tell she is lost in her thoughts - that she is struggling.

That not only does she love Jane - not only will she never have Jane, but that the one consistent person in her life - the person changed her, pulled her out of her shell, made her part of her family - is going to leave.

And maybe it won’t be in the literal sense - maybe Jane won’t become some Army wife on a base across the country or on the other side of the world.

But Jane is leaving - she is losing her to someone, and that is far worse than losing her to a place - because Jane will be right beside her and despite that, Maura knows she will still be alone.

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everything you love is here


everything you love is here

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When your two lead female characters give each other looks with more passion than all the canon pairings combined that’s an issue no amount of het kisses is gonna fix









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You know what I like in a girl?
My fingers.

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Please do not go through my camera roll there’s nothing inappropriate i just don’t want you to know how many selfies i take.

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